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Residential Insulation Services

Where / who could use our services?

  • New Home Builders
  • Remodel Contractors
  • Home owners
  • Residents
  • Landlords
  • Property Management Companies
  • And More!

What problems are we solving?

Ice Dams

Many residential buildings have unique, complicated roof decks, with either low pitches or steep roof lines. Add in factors such as heat runs/duct work in the attic spaces, lack of proper air sealing (in areas such as tray ceilings, drop soffits, recessed can lights, skylights, solar tubes, chimneys, etc...), and poor insulation levels. What does all this mean? It is a recipe for ice dams. Ice dams are where ice forms and water pools and refreezes at the eave/soffit lines at the edge of the roof. These ice dams push up on shingles, diminishing their life expectancy and causing water damage on the inside of the building. This excess moisture will lead to failure of the adjacent surfaces, and could lead to mold and other indoor contaminants. Proper material selection on the front end, can eliminate human caused ice damming. Contact us to see how we can solve your ice dam problems through proper ventilation, insulation, and air sealing.

Comfort Issues

Many residential buildings lack the benefits of proper air sealing, due to improper detailing of untrained/uncertified insulation installers. We at TNT Insulation are committed to quality installations, and paying attention to the detailing and defining of the thermal envelope. Many times improper insulation materials are installed in crucial areas which can drastically effect the comfort levels inside the home, making even a well insulated home still feel drafty and cold.We at TNT Insulation have become experts in defining the thermal envelope, and making buildings less drafty and more energy efficient which means... we at TNT Insulation ARE solving comfort issues, and saving you money!

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Our homes experience a phenomenon called stack effect. Stack effect is the differences between pressures from low pressures to high pressures. Inside our homes, this difference in pressures is so small and insignificant, that we can't even tell it's going on most of the time. HOWEVER, our homes can definitely tell.... Every day, the air from inside our house enters in through leaks and cracks in our building structure, whether its from windows and doors, electrical outlets, or where different framing member materials come together (for example... where wood meets concrete), this air then exits through another opening taking with it our "conditioned" (aka...heated or cooled) air. All of these leaks add up to air exchanges in our homes, decreased comfort, unhealthier homes, and higher utility bills. 

How does stack effect work? In the winter time, the cold dry air, enters into our homes or businesses, and the warm moist air rises up, finding leaks, and eventually makes its way into our attic space. In the summer time, the opposite happens, the hot, humid air from the attic spaces enters into the home, and tries to make its way to our basement (coldest room). It's natures way of equalizing temperature (convective looping) and pressures (stack effect).

What does all this mean? When this convective loop and stack effect are allowing air to be infiltrated or exfiltrated in our buildings, it is also carrying with it, all of the nasty, dirty, contaminants from within our building shell (walls, attics, etc...) to be brought into the air that we breath everyday. This disgusting air is one of the main reasons for changes in patterns with our health, such as sicknesses, seasonal allergies, asthma and other respiratory problems, and the list goes on and on. Contact TNT Insulation to help improve your Indoor Air Quality.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of our residential buildings. Building owners can increase there overall energy efficiency by installation of new LED or CFL fixtures instead of incandescent or halogen bulbs, by installation of proper insulation materials, or by installing new, higher efficiency furnace and air conditioning units and water heaters. Making these buildings as energy efficient as possible reduces the amount of electrical and gas consumption (carbon footprint) which decreases your monthly operating expenses. Decreasing your bill means excess money can be used for "fun things" rather than paying bills. Take control of your home, and not let your home control you. 

Sound Proofing

Reducing noise disturbance in residential settings is becoming one of the newest trends we are starting to see in: remodel projects where work from home offices are becoming more and more common, and in new construction between bed/bathrooms and common spaces (living rooms, theatres, between floors, and utility rooms). One of the ways to combat noise is to insulate the cavities between the spaces, to help break up sound waves, and lower the STC (sound transmission coefficient) before it affects your work habits, sleeping children, or out of town guests. TNT Insulation, LLC only installs the best products to meet our customers needs. Different products are available, and knowing when to select the correct product for the application at hand, is crucial.