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Remodel Construction

Whether your putting on a small addition, remodeling a bathroom, or gutting the whole home to the studs and starting over, insulation choices can make a huge difference in comfort!

Please feel free to contact TNT Insulation when in the design phase of your remodel or addition. Most people are still under the mind set that all insulation products are created and perform equally. This is NOT true, but what is true, is that all products are tested under the same standards, in a controlled environment, inside a laboratory setting. When it comes to real world performance and installation practices these products are drastically different.

We at TNT Insulation are insulation experts, we have seen and studied third-party testing, and have seen first hand on thousands of homes, that proper product selection is crucial, especially when it comes to energy efficiency and indoor occupant comfort.

Why would you remodel a room(s), and then not be able to enjoy them due to comfort concerns later on? Most people don't realize it, but upgrading from conventional insulation to a high performance insulation will not only improve the comfort level of the room/home, but in reality, the difference in costs of energy savings could pay for those upgrades that everyone seeks (i.e. new granite countertops, cabinets, appliances, etc...), and by improving the comfort level, you will spend more time in the newly constructed space, which is money well spent!

Have a set of plans that you would like for us to take a look at? Please send us a PDF copy to along with some general information about location, your ideas on product selection, and your contact information, and we will provide you a free estimate.