Commercial Insulation Services

Where / who could use our services?

  • Retail facilities
  • Office buildings
  • City buildings
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Heated warehouses
  • Storage unit facilities
  • Condominiums/Retirement complexes 
  • Multi-family high-rises
  • Tuck under parking garages
  • And More!

What problems are we solving?

Comfort Issues

Many commercial buildings lack the benefits of proper air sealing, due to design flaws as a result of the many architectural anomalies that are present in today's modern aesthetics. Many times block or framed wall assemblies will terminate against metal roof decks, which are ribbed, resulting in no spot for conventional framing members to butt up tight, to help reduce/prevent air infiltration systems. We at TNT Insulation, LLC have become experts in defining the thermal envelope, and making buildings less drafty and energy efficient which means...we are solving comfort issues.

Ice Dams

Many commercial buildings have huge, expansive roof decks with low pitches, heat runs/duct work in the attic spaces, lack of proper air sealing, and poor insulation levels. What does all this mean? It is a recipe for ice dams. Ice dams occur when ice forms and water pools and refreezes at the eave/soffit lines at the edge of the roof. These ice dams push up on shingles, diminishing their life expectancy and causing water damage on the inside of the building. This excess moisture will lead to failure of the adjacent surfaces and could lead to mold and other indoor contaminants.

Energy Efficiency Improvements

There are many ways to improve the energy efficiency of our commercial buildings. Buildings can increase their overall energy efficiency through installation of new LED or CFL fixtures instead of incandescent or halogen bulbs, by installation of insulation, or by installing new, higher efficiency furnace and air conditioning units. Making these buildings as energy efficient as possible reduces the amount of electrical and gas consumption which decreases companies' overhead and operating expenses, increasing profit margins.

Sound Proofing

Noise disturbance in an office setting and/or in multi-family buildings in one of the biggest complaints we receive. One of the ways to combat noise is to insulate the cavities between the spaces, to help break up sound waves, and lower the STC (sound transmission coefficient) before it affects your coworker or next door neighbor. TNT Insulation, LLC only installs the best products to meet our customers' needs. Different products are available and knowing when to select the correct product for the application at hand is crucial.

See below for some pictures of problems observed in commercial buildings along with a couple of projects where TNT Insulation performed insulation services. Click here for more recent pictures of our commercial projects.

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